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By Coastal Foot and Ankle Associates
September 19, 2017
Category: Foot Health
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Ankle arthritis can have a dramatic impact on your life. When your ankles are stiff and painful, it's difficult to climb stairs, enjoy an after-arthritisdinner stroll or even stand in line at the grocery store. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to decrease your arthritis pain. Dr. Mark Moss of Coastal Foot & Ankle Associates in Houston and Pearland, TX, shares a few tips that will help you deal with ankle arthritis.

Make some lifestyle changes

Although it's hard to give up favorite activities, making a switch to a low-impact form of exercise can protect your joints and ease your pain. When you substitute swimming or biking for running, you'll be able to work out without triggering a flareup of your painful symptoms. Consider making a few other changes to your normal routine, such as bringing a folding chair to your children's or grandchildren's soccer games or taking the elevator or escalator instead of the stairs.

Visit the foot doctor

When pain begins to control your life or walking has become increasingly difficult, a visit to our Houston or Pearland office may be a good idea. Depending on the extent and severity of your condition, we'll recommend one or more therapies designed to decrease your pain and increase your activity level. Physical therapy can improve range of motion and strengthen the muscles that support your ankle, while corticosteroid injections may decrease your pain.

Wearing custom-designed orthotics in your shoes or braces that support your ankles may also increase your comfort. Some people also benefit from injections that lubricate the joints. In many cases, a single injection can provide relief for up to six months.

If conservative treatment methods aren't effective, we may recommend arthroscopic surgery to remove diseased cartilage. Combining arthroscopic surgery with a cartilage implant with stem cells offers even more benefits than traditional arthroscopic surgery. Surgery may also be needed to remove bone spurs, reposition the ankle joint, fuse the bones in the joint or replace your arthritic ankle joint with an implant.

Podiatric treatments offer effective relief for ankle arthritis. If you're tired of suffering with arthritis pain, schedule an appointment with foot doctor Dr. Moss, by calling (281) 484-2400 for the Houston office or (281) 485-2988 for the Pearland office.

By Coastal Foot and Ankle Associates
September 19, 2016
Category: Foot Health
Tags: arthritis   ankle pain  

Arthritis is a progressive ailment that causes the joints to weaken and become painful. It can occur in joints all over the body, including ankle arthritisthe feet and ankles. When arthritis affects the ankles, it can affect your ability to run, walk and get the daily exercise that you need. Learn the common symptoms of ankle arthritis and make the time to see a Houston podiatrist at Coastal Foot & Ankle Associates in Pearland and Houston, TX to talk about this condition.

Arthritis in the Ankle
The joints in the ankle play a crucial role in the function of the feet. You need your ankles to make quick turns if you’re an athlete and to maintain stability when walking. When a patient has ankle arthritis, the lining of the joints become inflamed and swollen. This is most commonly caused by an injury (common in sports players), genetics or just general wear and tear from spending a lot of time on your feet. 

Ankle Arthritis Symptoms to Look Out For
One of the first symptoms of arthritis in the ankle is pain. It is an aching pain in your ankles that gets worse when you try to walk, jump or perform any other activity that requires you to stand on your feet. Here are a few other symptoms to discuss with your Pearland and Houston podiatrist:

- Stiffness in the joints.
- Inability to move your foot from side to side.
- Redness around the ankle.
- Ankle feels hot to the touch.

Getting Relief for Your Ankles
Your foot doctor offers a number of solutions that can give you relief for ankle arthritis. The first course of action will likely be steroid injections and medications to help you manage the pain. Joint lubricants can also be injected into the ankle to improve movement. Physical therapy helps to strengthen the joints and muscles. And in certain cases, surgery may be recommended, such as an ankle arthroscopy, cartilage implant, joint fusion or total ankle replacement.

Call a Podiatrist for Help
Don’t allow ankle arthritis symptoms to continue to progress—talk to a podiatrist about the treatments that can give you some relief. Call Coastal Foot and Ankle Associates in Pearland and Houston, TX today to schedule an exam.