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By Coastal Foot and Ankle Associates
May 08, 2020
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How your podiatrist in Houston, TX, can help if you have a bunion

Bunions are a common, and often painful, foot problem. In fact, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, over half of the women in this country have had a bunion at some time in their lives!

Fortunately, your podiatrist can help with bunion pain. Here at Coastal Foot & Ankle, Dr. Mark H. Moss offers a wide variety of footcare services, including treatment for bunions. With two convenient office locations in Houston and Pearland, TX, we can help you and your feet feel better.

More about bunions

Narrow shoes aren’t the only thing that can cause bunions; they can also be caused by a bone defect in your foot. The big toe joint can jut outward, rubbing against the inside of your shoe. The rubbing causes friction, which causes inflammation, and eventually, bunion formation. This bunion appears as a large bony bump on your big toe joint.

You can do a lot to prevent bunions by wearing comfortable, supportive shoes with plenty of room for your toes. If you have a small bunion, you can find relief by:

  • Placing ice on the bunion several times each day
  • Placing inserts or padding inside your shoes
  • Taping the bunion and your foot for added support
  • Taking over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication

If you have a large bunion, it’s best to seek out the help of your podiatrist. At Coastal Foot & Ankle, your podiatrist may recommend:

  • Removing calluses and corns to reduce friction
  • Performing toe exercises and physical therapy to maintain flexibility
  • Custom-fit orthotics or night splints to help stabilize and realign your toe and foot
  • Surgical treatment, to remove the bunion and straighten your toe

The caring professionals at Coastal Foot & Ankle are still seeing patients in the office, but due to COVID 19, telemedicine services are also available for certain services. To learn more about bunion treatment and telemedicine services, call Dr. Mark H. Moss of Coastal Foot & Ankle at (281) 484-2400 for the Houston office, or (281) 485-2988 for the Pearland, Texas office.

By By Coastal Foot and Ankle Associates
December 03, 2019
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Dealing with bunions? A bunion is a misalignment of the big toe joint which causes the big toe to deviate. Pain and redness may occur. BunionsBunions sometimes run in families. Wearing narrow shoes can also cause bunions because they put a strain on the muscles and bones in your feet. Led by Dr. Mark Moss and Dr. Hina Hassan, Coastal Foot & Ankle Associates (offices in Pearland and Houston, TX) offers state-of-the-art podiatric care to the patients they serve. Let's have a look at some of the treatment options for bunions.

1. Padding and Taping: Padding and taping is usually the first step in bunion treatment. Padding and taping can ease your discomfort by realigning the joint and take pressure off the bunions. Padding and taping also increases blood flow to the areas for increased anti-inflammatory effect and pain relief.

2. Medications: Bunion pain may respond to treatment with over-the-counter medicines such as naproxen, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. If you have severe pain, your doctor may recommend a prescription medication. Your doctor may also recommend a medication to relieve swelling. Anti-inflammatory medications can help to reduce both pain and inflammation.

3. Injection Therapy: Cortisone injections, also called steroid injections, are frequently used for treating bunions. Steroid injections include a corticosteroid medication to relieve pain and swelling over time and an anesthetic to provide immediate pain relief. You can get steroid injections at your doctor's office.

4. Custom Orthotics: Custom foot orthotics can be helpful in treating bunions. Custom orthotics are specially-made devices designed to cushion and support your feet. They can help take pressure off bunions and alleviate your pain. You can get custom orthotics from your podiatrist. Custom orthotics have been proven to be highly successful when used under the treatment of a doctor.

5. Bunion Surgery: Your doctor may recommend surgery your bunions are very painful or have a big effect on your life. The goal of bunion surgery is to correct the deformity, improve function and relieve pain. Various types of surgical procedures are available to correct bunions. You may get it done in a hospital or surgery center.

It's time to get your life back! If you want freedom from pain, call Coastal Foot & Ankle Associates at (281) 485-2988 today to schedule a consultation in Pearland, TX. Call (281) 484-2400 to schedule a consultation in Houston, TX. Our treatments bring real relief to bunion pain sufferers!