Could your foot or ankle pain mean it’s time to opt for surgical treatments?

Your Pearland, TX podiatrists at Coastal Foot & Ankle Associates share the cases in which foot surgery may be necessary:Foot and Ankle Surgery

 When is foot surgery required?

Our first line of treatment for most foot conditions are often more conservative in nature. We will recommend over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to help relieve pain and swelling. We will also recommend ice/heat therapy, resting your foot as much as possible, physical therapy and strengthening exercises, and braces and splints to support and protect the foot and ankle.

 If your condition does not respond to these forms of treatment and we have exhausted all other treatment options, then your Pearland podiatrist will need to determine if surgery is the next step. Surgery is most often appropriate for those with chronic pain or permanent deformities that don’t improve with more conventional treatments.

What are the different kinds of foot surgery?

We offer a variety of foot and ankle surgeries in Pearland:

Fusions: During fusion surgery we will remove cartilage from a joint and then fuse two or more bones together. This is often recommended for treating those with arthritic feet and ankles.

Tendon Surgery: For those with injuries or ruptures to a tendon, this surgery is performed to shorten or length the tendon to relieve pain and improve function.

Bunion Surgery: A bunion is a bony structure that protrudes from the base of the big toe’s joint. Over time it can cause the big toe to lean into the other toes and can cause pain and discomfort. For those with severe symptoms, the only way to remove a bunion is through surgery. Crutches or a cast will most likely be required after surgery.

Hammertoe Surgery: The goal of this surgery is to realign the toe by either fusing the toe joint or removing a part of the bone.

Heel Surgery: There are several severe and chronic conditions that may warrant heel surgery. Your condition will determine the kind of heel surgery we perform and what your recovery process will be like. The most common heel surgery is plantar fascia release to help relieve pain and promote better mobility.

Reconstructive Surgery: For those with abnormalities or problems due to trauma, reconstructive surgery can repair and restore function and stability back into the lower extremities. From bone grafting and implantation to soft tissue repairs and tumor removal, your Pearland, TX podiatrist offers advanced foot and ankle surgeries to treat a host of different podiatric problems.

If you ever experience pain or other symptoms that are causing concern, don’t hesitate to contact us. Should you need to get foot and ankle surgery in Pearland, TX at Coastal Foot & Ankle Associates, we are here every step of the way so that we can make your recovery easier.