Arthritic hips and knees are replaced all the time, but did you know that arthrtic ankles can also be replaced? In fact, ankle replacements in the US more than doubled last year, thanks in part to technological advances in Ankle Implants (prostheses).

Total Ankle Replacement Surgery, or ankle arthroplasty, involves replacing the damaged joint with an artificial joint. The procedure greatly improves function for people who cannot perform everyday activities without experiencing severe pain. The most common causes of the pain are rhemautoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and previous injuries.

In the past, the gold standard for treating these problematic patients was a fusion, or arthodesis, in which the joint is removed and the bones are fused. This procedure reduced pain, but also rendered the ankle immobile.

What can you expect from a total ankle replacement? Our patients enjoy vastly improved function of their ankle, with pain-free weight bearing and range of motion.

Of course, not every patient is a candidate for an ankle replacement. We would not recommend for patients with poor circulation, loss of sensation, or significant deformity related to birth defect or previous tramatic events.

For those who do meet the criteria for consideration, Ankle Replacement offers tremendous advantages over previous treatment for severe ankle pain related to arthritic changes.