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April 25, 2019
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Some foot-related issues, such as bunions, generally grow slowly over time, often making their symptoms unnoticeable until they are in Bunionstheir advanced stages. However, understanding the warning signs for bunions can help you get the preventative help that you need while the condition is still easy to treat! Read below to learn more about bunions and their treatments, and for personal care, contact Dr. Mark Moss and Dr. Hina Hassan at Coastal Foot and Ankle Associates with locations in both Pearland and Houston, TX.


What is a bunion?
A bunion occurs when the bone at the base of the big toe develops an outward growing deformity, a growth that then produces a lump on the inside of the foot which pushes the big toe toward the smaller toes. Though it develops slowly and often produces only mild symptoms, a bunion can eventually advance into a painful, irritating condition.


Do I have a bunion?
A bunion is often visually obvious and carries with it a few signs and symptoms that mean it is time to see your podiatrist. These include:

  • A lump at the base of the big toe
  • Pain at the base of the big toe
  • Irritation or redness from friction caused by wearing shoes
  • Shoes have stopped fitting correctly due to the lump
  • Corns and calluses caused by overlapping toes
  • Decreased range of motion for the big toe

If you think that you may have a bunion, your podiatrist can help monitor—or even prevent—its growth and help you find the best treatment for your condition.


Bunion treatments from our Pearland and Houston offices
If your foot doctor determines that you have a bunion, they may simply suggest some lifestyle changes, such as wearing more comfortable shoes, to help slow the bunion’s growth. In more advanced cases, however, a treatment called bunionectomy may become necessary. This surgical procedure removes the bunion and, in relevant cases, realigns the toes and their connective tissues to lie flat once again.


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