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By Coastal Foot and Ankle Associates
July 08, 2015
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Have you been experiencing heel pain lately? If you can't remember any specific injuries or overuse that might be contributing to the pain, you may be suffering from flat feet. Heel pain is a common complaint seen by the podiatrists at Coastal Foot & Ankle Associates in Flat FeetHouston, Texas, and oftentimes it can be a result of inadequate arch development.

What causes flat feet?

Normal adult feet have a curve in the middle of their foot. This curve, known as the arch, is formed by tendons attached to the heel and foot bones. The tendons can be thought of like a rubber band - when pulled tightly, your arches are normal. If they don't have the proper amount of tension, this creates the condition known as flat feet or fallen arches. 

Flat feet can often be attributed to a congenital abnormality, or one that is present from birth. In other cases seen by your Houston podiatrist, injuries such as broken bones or torn tendons may be to blame. Health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis or neuropathy can cause the arches to flatten out. Diabetes, pregnancy, obesity or simply the aging process can also cause fallen arches.

Young children often have the appearance of flat feet while standing still. Standing on the tip toes will show the formation of an arch. This is a condition that usually resolves as the child grows and the tendons develop.

Could my flat feet be causing my heel pain?

Some people have flat feet and experience no major problems with the condition. Most of the patients who see Dr. Mark Moss or Dr. Hina Hassan at their Houston office for fallen arches complain of pain, especially in the heels and inside bottom of the foot. Others find that normal foot movements are difficult or that their legs and back ache as well.

What can be done for flat feet?

Treatment can be as simple as rest and ice on the affected area, or it may be more involved if physical therapy is needed to stretch and strengthen the arch area. More severe cases may warrant surgery to repair the tendons or reshape the foot. Your Houston podiatrist will be able to determine the best course of action for your heel pain, starting with more conservative methods first.

If you've been dealing with unexplained heel pain, contact your Houston podiatrists, Mr. Mark Moss and Dr. Hina Hassan at Coastal Foot and Ankle Associates without delay.